About KiTa

KiTA (The Kinabatangan-Corridor of Life Tourism Operators Association)

The tourism industry in the Kinabatangan-Corridor of Life (K-CoL) is entirely dependant on both the environment and wildlife along the Kinabatangan River. This has been the prime conservation focus of K-CoL ever since it was identified. However, without proper protection, a wide variety of flora amp; fauna will cease to exist and perish.

With this purpose in mind, KiTA was jointly established in 2008 by K-CoL Tour Operators and WWF-Malaysia (jointly) and launched by the Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister of Sabah.


* To create a rainforest corridor along the Kinabatangan River by connecting the coastal mangrove swamps with the upland rainforests, where people, wildlife, natural-based tourism and local forest industries thrive and support each other

* To establish a floodplain that supports a thriving and diverse economy that offers opportunity and options to the local people and to businesses

* To introduce and implement good environmental management practices of natural capital

* To preserve a balance in which agriculture, people and nature conservation co-exists, united by their common source of vitality – water


* To promote and implement a globally recognized sustainable tourism industry within the Kinabatangan-Corridor of Life that is beneficial for its People, the Planet and for Profit.


* To provide a credible advocacy platform for stakeholders to champion the mission.

* To safeguard and protect tourism natural assets by introducing or promoting better management practices of natural assets in various forums, establish working relationships with NGO’s and other relevant expert groups, establish sustainable funding mechanism to finance conservation and support the Sabah Wildlife Department as keeper of the Sanctuary.

* To develop and implement better management practices that ensures the sustainable development of the tourism industry in K-CoL. KiTA will develop and implement a credible “code of conduct” for wildlife viewing, good environmental practice including socially responsible practices and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to develop a credible certification of “sustainability” of lodges

* To develop and implement a global brand name for tourism in K-CoL by aligning members along the brand name “Kinabatangan-Corridor of Life”, develop a unified communications message regarding the K-CoL and to educate all stakeholders and the public on the brand and the unique selling points of K-CoL.

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