“Nazri is like a captain trying to sink his own ship”

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Kinabatangan Tourism operators in the Eastern coast of Sabah were shocked by the headlines made by the Federal Tourism Minister. His unwarranted remarks in Parliament regarding safety of tourists can only be seen as wild, baseless and alarmist. His further statement of unwillingness to promote Sabah adds salt to the wound.

Sabah was the first State that Dato Seri Nazri visited when he took up the Federal Tourism and Culture Minister portfolio. During his visit, he had pledged to bring the State’s culture and tourism sector to greater heights internationally. It is disappointing to note that he is now abandoning Sabah tourism with his about-turn remark.

We are perplexed by the statements made by the Federal Minister.

In making such reckless statements, the minister has done a great disservice to the industry that he is charged with – he is like a captain trying to sink his own ship without due regards for those on board!

Tourism players in Sabah, in particular Kinabatangan, can only express their frustrations at being betrayed.

Despite the trying times, major tourism events have taken place in the Eastern coast such as Sail Around Sabah Seas in August and Borneo Bird Race in September. During the recent Borneo Bird Race, among the guests was our former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah.

With Sabah as the venue for these high profile events, what “asking for trouble” is the Federal Minister talking about?

As stakeholders, operator members of KiTA work closely with the state authorities and our security forces in keeping the Kinabatangan safe. As operators, we have even come up with funds to build the Security Post in Kampung Abai, at the river mouth of the Kinabatangan.

All these efforts and cooperation were geared to boost tourists confidence.

It is therefore mind-boggling that our own Federal Minister found it fit to undermine these efforts.

KiTA stands by and supports the stand of Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun, that Dato Seri Nazri should instead think of ways how to strengthen security measures and ensure safety of tourists by spend time engaging with Esccom and work to boost Sabah’s tourism.

It is timely to call upon the Federal Minister to lend us all support and encouragement.

– Media Statement by Kinabatangan – Corridor of Life Tourism Operators Association (KiTA)

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